Sunday, October 16, 2011

How I Spent My Weekend

I have the BEST Aunt ever!! Yes, she reads this :) ! Last week was my birthday, and she took us and Alma to Austin to the Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School for a "Master Chef" class, “Holiday Food 101.”

We started this “food related weekend” with dinner in Austin at Jasper’s, Chef Kent Rathburn’s (Chef Rathburn beat Bobby Flay in an Iron Chef challenge) restaurant. The staff, service and food were exceptional.

After breakfast Saturday we headed over to Cordon Bleu. What a place. We were greeted by Chef Paul and his Sous-Chef’s (students of the school) of the day. We were given our aprons and told to pick a table. There were four tables of “new students.”  Halfway through preparation of the recipe we were given, you switched tables and had to finish something you hadn’t started.  WHAT A BLAST! We were able to cook a whole meal with the chef and his students. We are still trying to remember all of the techniques that he shared. I recommend that if you have an opportunity to attend a class, it will be exciting and memorable. We were even able to take in the Open House class, “Cupcakes.” We left with another great recipe and a few tips to make great cupcakes.

After a quick trip to the restaurant supply store that was all the talk (we were restrained from a long shopping experience as they were only open for 5 more minutes when we arrived). :(  We headed to San Antonio for MORE food. Saturday evening we walked along the Riverwalk and ate the famous Mi Tierra’s Café of San Antonio. This café has been in business since 1941 and is open 24 hours a day! Again we had excellent service and food.

Sunday morning came and it was time to leave – the weekend was coming to a close. All I can say is it was a great weekend! One I will always remember. There aren’t words to really say Thank You! You are truly the BEST Aunt (and my favorite) and Friend (Alma) a girl could have! Love to you both! XOXO

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